Project Integration > How to track custom field updates?

We built an integration to sync Project updates from Asana to Netsuite.
Asana Portfolio custom fields were added to have Project level fields which will then be mapped with Project fields in Netsuite.

We are looking for a way to track Projects which custom fields were updated, so that this can be synced to Netsuite.

  • When Get project method is used, the last modified date returned does not consider the updates made on the custom fields.

  • The Get portoflio does not return any helpful information either.

Is there a suggested way to track custom field changes in a Project?

FYI since you’re using the API, I moved your post to the Developers & API forum section.

Are you trying to track changes to custom fields at the project level (like changes to the schema)?

Or are you trying to track updates to custom fields at the task level (like when someone changes a text field or date field)?

Track changes in the project level field.
Initial Setup:

  1. Create Porfolio
  2. Add Project
  3. Add Portfolio field (e.g. Project Stage, Project Status)
  4. Open the project > View Project Details

The porfolio field is added as a custom field in the project level:

Goal: Be able to identify when changes have been made to these custom fields (without having the need to go through all projects and compare old & new value). Would be best if captured in Last Modified Date which appears not to be the case.

I see. I have no experience with Portfolios and Portfolio Custom Fields on Projects in that manner. (I’m used to Project Custom Fields on Tasks).

Perhaps Events are the solution you’re looking for?
Creating a Sync Token for a particular resource and grabbing all events since last Sync

I will look into this approach, thanks for the reference! Appreciate it!

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