Are custom fields are project-level fields?


We integrated Salesforce and Asana via custom API. I have created a few custom fields (project status & phase) in the portfolio that reflects in each project as well, assuming those custom fields are created at the project level.

The integration job runs every 3 hours to sync these custom fields (project status & phase) to the associated Salesforce project based on the ‘last modified date - ‘today’’. This job is not picking up these custom field updates to Salesforce since the last modified date is not getting updated even though I update them today.

Eg: Project name: Test V1
Old value - Project status : Pending ; New Value - Project status : Active
Old Value - Project phase: Prelaunch ; New Value - Project phase: Launch

I updated above fields today morning 1st August, 2022 at 9 AM and the job ran at 9:30 AM to sync to the updates. But these updates weren’t synced with SF. When I troubleshot, I found the last modified date was 19th July, 2022. i.e., from the previous update, I believe.

On the other hand, I updated the project name : Test V1 to Test V2 and found the last modified date was updated to 1st August, 2022.

Does this mean the custom fields are not project level fields? If so, what should I do to pick these custom fields during the sync?

Thanks in advance!


Just to clarify, are you expecting the project entity to have an updated last modification date when a custom field is changed? I don’t know if this is supposed to work, just asking to help others debug.

Yes, that is correct. I want to see the updated last modification date on the project, if the custom field value is changed. It is working for majority of the projects. Only a few projects are slipping through.

Also, when I tested this use case, I found the first update on the custom field value is picking up in the sync. If I update the same field for the second/third time, then it’s not getting through.

It is confusing!

@Phil_Seeman do you understand what is going on?

To me, this is the oddest part.

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going to make an inquiry about it.

@AndrewWong Any ideas as to what might be happening here?

I reached out to Asana DevRel and found a bug at Asana’s end. Asana team is currently working to fix it. Thank you, everyone for your responses!