Custom Field - Project Level

Is there a way to add custom fields at the project level? I don’t mean the custom fields that show up within each task of a project but a custom field that is set at the project level that can be displayed within Portfolios as well as reports in Google Sheets.
Example: We would like to have Contract Signed Date and Phone System Integration as fields at the project level.

Hi @Nathan_Hayes and welcome to the forum,

You bet! You add them in the Portfolio - see the section “How to manage custom fields” here:

They show up not only as columns when looking at the Portfolio, but also when looking at a project under Project Details:

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Very helpful Phil, is there a way to format the field as a date by any chance? If not, it’s okay, I can always make it text.

At the moment, no, there’s no date-type custom field. You can add your vote for that here:

Also, here’s an additional suggestion you might be interested in: