Asana default custom fields from projects

Hi i have a problem with the endpoint get_project_custom_fields, it does return me a list of custom fields from the project but it still missing some of them, how do i get this list of custom fields that appear in each project Customize tab?. I adjunct an image , is the tab in the top right where you can select all your custom fields.

Some custom fields are linked directly to your project, some others are created globally in the workspace, but your project can use them.

Maybe the one you doesn’t see are workspace custom fields?

Ive check that custom fields too and they are not there , unfortunately.

Hi @jose_mauricio_carpio,

I’m not sure if this might be the source of confusion but realize that not all of the items listed under Customize > Fields are custom fields. In fact, most of the ones you show are not, they are built-in fields on a task.

In your screenshot, only Points, Priority and Crated Date are custom fields.

Does that help explain what you’re getting back from the API?

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Oh ok!, so is there a way to show these built-in fields and if they are active in the project? which api call will i have to do for it? I need to collect that Customize > Fields “active fields”. That means all custom fields and built-in fields.

For built-in fields, there’s no capability within the API to query which ones are “turned on” - i.e. displaying as columns in the project - and which are not.

For custom fields, I’m not sure which client library you’re using that has the get_project_custom_fields endpoint, but assuming it’s returning Custom Field Settings objects, you should be able to use the is_important property; if it’s true then the custom field is being displayed as a column.