How to retrieve all fields available for Task

Hello there,

I’m working with Asana API and I need to display all fields available for Tasks.
How can I get a list of all built-in fields and custom fields for a given Project?

Hi @Igor4 and welcome to the forum!

What you want is the custom_field_settings endpoint:

That will get you all of a project’s custom fields. There’s really no concept of “built-in fields” for a project; there are just the built-in fields on an Asana task:

Thank you for the quick reply Phil.

What I’m looking for is something similar to what we get back for the custom fields, with the name, type, etc.

I couldn’t find an endpoint that does the same thing for the built-in fields for Task, just for the custom fields. And even for the custom fields, I couldn’t find an endpoint that retrieve the custom fields for a Task within a specific Project.

Is there something like that?


There isn’t such an endpoint. You just have to go by what’s in the documentation.

There isn’t a separate endpoint to get a task’s custom fields; you just use one of the various ways of retrieving a task and its custom fields will be included in the results. If you’d like to get all of the expanded details about those custom fields, then include opt_expand in your query string; so for example:

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