How to get all tasks of a project + a specific custom_field with a given id for each task in a single request?

Using the tasks endpoint

I would like to get all the tasks of a specific project where each task includes the name, notes, and the value of a specific custom field. For example the estimation points value.

I see that I can use custom_fields and and many options more, but they all load a bunch of unnecessary custom fields. I want something more compact, like:
where 123 is the custom field I need the value of.

Hi @Leandro_Perez,

Sorry, that’s not possible - there’s no way in the API to restrict the returned data to just a subset of custom fields on a task. You get them all and have to manage it on your end.

def fetch_all_items(func, *args, **kwargs):
    all_items = []
    result = func(*args, **kwargs)
    while result:
        result = func(next_page=result['next_page']) if 'next_page' in result else None
    return all_items

def get_tasks_filtered_by_custom_field(workspace_id, custom_field_name, custom_field_value):
        projects = fetch_all_items(client.projects.get_projects, workspace=workspace_id, opt_pretty=True)
        filtered_tasks = []
        def process_task(task):
            comments = []
            for custom_field in task.get('custom_fields', []):
                if custom_field['name'] == custom_field_name and custom_field.get('enum_value') and custom_field['enum_value'].get('name') == custom_field_value:
                    comments = fetch_all_items(client.stories.get_stories_for_task, task['gid'])
                    return {
                            'Task Name': task['name'],
                            'Project ID': task['gid'],
                            'Custom Field': custom_field['name'],
                            'Custom Field Value': custom_field['enum_value']['name'],
                            'Due Date': task.get('due_on', 'No due date'),
                            'Assignee': task.get('assignee', {}).get('name', 'Unassigned'),
                            'Created At': task.get('created_at'),
                            'Completed': task.get('completed'),
                            'Completed At': task.get('completed_at'),
                            'Start On': task.get('start_on'),
                            'Due At': task.get('due_at'),
                            'Notes': task.get('notes', ''),
                            'Num Likes': task.get('num_likes'),
                            'Num Hearts': task.get('num_hearts'),
                            'Comments': ' '.join([comment['text'] for comment in comments if comment['resource_subtype'] == 'comment']),
                            'Followers': ', '.join([follower['name'] for follower in task.get('followers', [])]),
                            'Tags': ', '.join([tag['name'] for tag in task.get('tags', [])]),
                            'Parent Task': task.get('parent', {}).get('name', 'No parent'),
                            'Workspace': task.get('workspace', {}).get('name', 'No workspace')
            return None

        with ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=10) as executor:
            for project in projects:
                tasks = fetch_all_items(client.tasks.get_tasks_for_project, project['gid'], opt_fields='name,custom_fields,due_on', opt_pretty=True)
                results =, tasks)
                filtered_tasks.extend([result for result in results if result])
        return pd.DataFrame(filtered_tasks)
    except Exception as e:
        print(f"An error occurred: {e}")
        return pd.DataFrame()

# Fetch filtered tasks
df_tasks = get_tasks_filtered_by_custom_field(workspace_id, 'Quarter', 'Q1')
df_tasks.to_excel('filtered_tasks.xlsx', index=False)