Get custom fields assigned to a task

I am trying to filter tasks in a project by custom fields gids. Is this possible to do like filtering by tag gids? I have tried different things, but at best I only get ALL the custom fields associated with a task, not the specific ones assigned to it.
This is how I’m filtering by tag gids.{workspace#}/tasks/search?opt_fields=name,notes&created_at.after=2021-01-14T01:00:00.0000&created_at.before=2021-01-14T23:59:59Z&tags.all=1057958658407,1142011060547883&projects.any={project#}

I was able to solve this by getting a list of tasks and then getting custom_fields, enum_values. Python code looks like this:
for i in task_list:
print (i)
link = requests.get(f’{i}/?custom_fields’, headers=headers)

	data = json.loads(link.content.decode())
	# print (data)
	dict = data
	custom_fields = dict["data"]["custom_fields"]
	notes = dict["data"]["notes"]
	name = dict["data"]["name"]
	gid = dict['data']['gid']
	# print (name)

# 	# print (notes)
	for i in custom_fields:
		enum_value = (i['enum_value'])