Last modified date/time?

Does anybody know if there is a field that can be retrieved on a task that would give the last modified date/time? Using the API I need to determine the last time either:

  • The story is added to
  • The task itself is modified

There is a modified_at field, would that work for you?

Thanks for that. I saw that but it looks to me from the docs that it won’t reflect additions to the story:

Note: This does not currently reflect any changes in associations such as projects or comments that may have been added or removed from the task.

Oh my mistake, you can then pull the stories from the task? Would that work?

That is what I am doing now. It is slow since I have to loop through 10 - 20 tasks and do an additional query for each one.

@Phil_Seeman any other idea?

I’m afraid I don’t have any other ideas for how to solve this one.