Project Last Updated Datetime

I would be great to have the functionality to see within the project object, the last time any of the elements in it (sections, task, subtasks) have been modified.

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One option would be to use the filter in list view and filter per the metadata field “Last modified on”
Not sure if that helps in your case but it will at least give you the information for tasks and subtasks on when changes took place.

Hi Andrea, thank you for your charming welcome message and your reply! :grinning:

My question is more on the backend, when I connect to the API I would like to filter out the projects that have not been updated recently (say 24h). There is a field in the project record “modified_at” but “This does not currently reflect any changes in associations such as tasks or comments that may have been added or removed from the project.”

I was suggesting that having that field be updated when any task is modified would be great.

Thank you again!

Ah okay makes sense, thank you for the clarification.

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@JMBB I’m adding my vote.
I had to write a script to check the last date on any task, subtask and status update.
One field in the API object would be great.