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Is there a way to find the original name of a task that has had its name changed?
Searching the “name_changed” story sub-type, I can see what the task was renamed to but it doesn’t tell me what the name was changed from.

When viewing the task stories in Asana there’s the option to “View Original” that shows me the original task name, so was wondering if there’s a way to extract this through the api.

Welcome, @Ben39,

I believe that, for now, the best you can do is this:


. . . if there are two or more name_changed stories, then you can learn what the prior name was before the latest change, but only in that case, and never the very original name.



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Hi @Ben39 , welcome to the forum.

I think you may have found a bug in the stories.

As described in that thread:

The story of type “name_changed” should have 2 fields, “old_name” and “new_name”.

I just test it, using the opt_fields parameter, and they are not returned.

In my test, when I ask these 2 values, I get “null” for all story, in the “new_name” attribute, even in the one that is “name_changed”.

And I never get any old_name.



cc: @John_Vu @AndrewWong Bug in story API??

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Hi everyone,

Hmmm I think @Frederic_Malenfant and @Phil_Seeman are right. This looks like a bug. I’ll check in with our API team to make sure. Will update once we have a fix/resolution.


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