Check history in asana description/name

Hi asana community,

Is there a way to check for previous versions of a task description and/or name?


@carolina. Hi yes within the task there is an audit log which shows changes that you have made to that task, which I am sure has that info.

On the mobile at the moment will add a screenshot once I can access a PC.


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Hi Jason,

Is it the one that says “Show Difference”?

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Yep @carolina that’s it…


Than you Jason! :smiley:

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No worries happy to help.

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This is an old thread. but where can I find this “Show Difference” option on web?

HI @Mutahhar_Naseer
Here is an example…

This one is show after the last enter comment. Does this help?


@Jason_Woods - What if the ‘show difference’ button isn’t available?

I literally just put several paragraphs worth of content into the body of a task, copied it to put it somewhere else, and then copied over it. :woman_facepalming:

Using mac & Google Chrome on incognito tab so I haven’t been able to find any clipboard management to get the old copy… best case scenario I’d love to be able to see changes I’ve made to the task (just like Google Doc has ‘track changes’ or ‘previous versions’)