How get latest changes to a task once per day

Hi @Phil_Seeman moving further to the above question is there a way to get the webhook response of all the tasks at once a day at a specific time, currently the webhooks are getting triggered even if there is a small change, and I am looking for a way to get all the latest change in a task once in a day
Thank you!

Welcome, @Shubham_W,

I believe you may want to consider using events, not webhooks. See this overview and click on the events link there for more info:

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Thanks @lpb ,
I have gone through the events but using events doesn’t solve my issue basically I want to have the updates over the tasks in asana so for that, I integrated the webhooks which are working fine but I wanted to filter it out only for the status change of the task.

“data”: {
“resource”: “resource_gid”,
“filters”: [
“resource_type”: “task”
“target”: “my-domain-url/api/v1/receiveAsanawebhook”

can you please let me know how I add filters only for the status change for the task?

and the other thing regarding the updates only using webhooks, if I could get all status changes hooks only at a specific time in a week or a day I wanted to know is that possible.

@lpb is right on in his recommendation for events.

You can’t do that with webhooks; that’s exactly what events are for: you query them on your desired schedule, and they tell you what’s changed since the last time you queried.

What did you read about events that leads you to conclude they won’t solve your need?

What do you mean by “status change”? “Status” itself isn’t an inherent property of a task.

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