Best way to get 'webhook' call about updated task

Hi! My apologies if this question has been asked before.

From our app we’re creating tasks that we handle in Asana. Mosty tasks are created periodically and have a status. The task is handled in Asana and we need to send the ‘marked completed’ status back to our endpoint.

Right now, we’ve set up webhooks for each individual task to look for the ‘marked complete’ story on the endpoint, but this seems a bit cumbersome, since it calls the endpoint on each small event.

Another solution would be to periodically call the api to check for status updates, but the problem here is that we need the update to be instant.

Is there a more lightweight ‘webhook like’ solution for just task completed/incompleted?

Thanks for your Response.


This capability is coming soon - in fact, it’'s just been made available for early access - if you want to test it out you might be able to get access for beta testing purposes. See “Filters on webhook events” in this post:

What you’ll be able to do using this new feature is set a filter on the completed_at field, so you’ll only get webhook events when that field changes.

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