Asana Updates data: Is it possible to extract the Asana updates per task?

Hi There

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to extract the Asana updates per task? (Usually in the greyed out block at the bottom of each task)?

We are currently on a business pricing plan and the Tableau integration option is great but the data is quite high level per task.

We have tasks that are created that get re-assigned to different people at various points. I am quite interested in sort of the metadata per task.

Is this possible?

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Hi @anon33053714, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! It’s currently not export the task changes history from each task. You can export your project to CSV but I’m afraid this information is not included. I see other members shared some tips on how to export to Asana and other integrations that might help you, please have a look here: Backing up Asana to a file

I hope this helps!