View all progress and activity for an entire project under "Activity"

I am looking for a way to view all activity on a project.

At the end of the day or week, I want to see a chronological list of everything my employees have worked on. My clients are also interested in seeing this progress. Even if someone is not following every task in a project, knowing people are active is important to clients and management.

Is this something that could be included in the Progress section or is this data available anywhere else?

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Hi @Jon_Sasala

You could do a Search of tasks “Assigned to” (your employees) and/or “Assigned by” you, “In projects” with the Filter added for “Commented on by” and “Liked by” which would denote activity and/or add “Completion” or “Any.” When the search results appear, you can click the down arrow caret to the right of the heading and Export to CSV. I’m going to try this on my own and follow up.

Thanks for following up, Julia. I have followed these steps but what I get is not really “progress” or “activity.” This filter returns a list of tasks, not what happened on the tasks.

Really, the functionality I am looking for is similar to BaseCamps Progress view where you can see:
11:01 - Employee commented on task.
11:03 Client added image to task.
11:05 - Employee completed task.
See attached.

This is something I would expect to be found in Asana under “Progress” in the navigation and visible under “Activity.” In all of my projects, the only activity listed is “My Name created this project. XX days ago.” No other activity is then included.

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Hi @Jon_Sasala, I can see that. There is a way to save a search for Comments in a project based on date, but a) you have to create the search b) it doesn’t identify on one pane the Commenters and c) I can’t see a way to save it to update dynamically in Activity as you suggest. I can create a feature request to have Activity contain, well, Activity.

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Thanks Julia. Are feature requests something only you or select Asana admins can submit? Otherwise, I would be happy to take care of posting this as a suggestion, if you can point me in the right direction.

Hi! I believe you need to create this suggestion in the Product Feedback forum here, where it can be voted on (which I will do because I can see where the Activity section could be populated beyond the default) and considered on the roadmap.

Hi @Jon_Sasala, I apologize the above message is confusing, I will vote on the feedback, but since it was your idea, go ahead and create it in the product feedback forum.

Good Morning @Jon_Sasala and Happy Friday. Were you able to submit this? If not, I can.

Hi Julia. I simply changed the category to Product Feedback. Is there another way to submit it?

You did it! You have 6 Votes for this feature so far. Enjoy your day.

Updated insight on this request from a similar request over here. View historical user activity?

"Use case: I am on a call with a client and they want to know what has happened on their project today. Pretty hard for me to look in Asana and answer that.

I see this as displaying similar to the feed in my Inbox but for all tasks on a project, not just ones I am following. And I would assume this should live under Progress > Activity in each project."

Please and thank you.

This ‘feature’ is a must. Currently, all data is basically lost. Breaking down a job is important internally and externally as previously mentioned in the thread.