Project activity feed of all task comments, section changes, and completions.

I would love a way to view a feed of all project activity, in particular all task comments, in a single project view. It can be hard to see if a project has gone stale or if there is a lot of activity across many tasks. We could even name that project tab “Feed” or “Activity”. The dashboard only tells you if tasks are being completed. However, often times the project activity is lots of comments, or in a Board-type project, tasks moving between Sections (columns/stages). Neither of those activities show up on the Dashboard or Overview sections, so there’s no way to see if that type of activity is present in a project (aside from opening each task one at a time and looking, of which there could be a huge number). Many Board type projects look completely dead but actually have important progress that is hard to surface.

Hi @Aaron_VanDevender, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We already have some threads requesting this feature, you can upvote here:

I hope this helps!