Show/Hide Activity Feed

It would be helpful to be able to show/hide the activity feed. We’ve got some pretty long lists, and it pushed the comments section down. I know that “owners” can delete them, but if we could just toggle them show/hide, that would be easier. Or, what if there was a checkbox in settings that would allow users to track this info or not?

I’m sure that to some folks this info is critical, but it’s not for us. Interested to hear what other folks have to say!


Are you referring to the inbox in Asana? I recommend archiving notifications as often as possible e.g. all the ones you get about tasks being assigned to you or tasks being complete. You can then deal with comments and come back to them later if needed.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. If you’re interested in improving your use of Asana further or want to discuss team training, please feel free to book a free 30-minute introductory call with me to discuss consulting options.

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Hey Erin, I could swear we had a discussion about this kind of thing before (too many stories/long activity feeds), but I can’t find the thread -

Anyway, I personally understand getting lots of activity with not a lot of comments can be overwhelming, especially in oft-used/changed/little commented tasks. However, I don’t want to see a change because I think it’s important for the history to be right there and in the emails people get (esp those who don’t use Asana really).

One thing we do, is if the comment is on a dormant task - or important, or it’s THE feedback comment, we pin. I pin so many things - files, comments, etc.

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I would love for there to be a show/hide on the activity field.

I think it’s important to have that history recorded but if it’s a long feed then it starts to overwhelm comments and can be very distracting.

Paul, I’m pretty sure Erin is talking about the activity feed that shows on tasks, not the Asana inbox.
This is a typical example
And this is for a simple task without any others involved! It can get pretty long once you start adding collaborators and reassigning, or if you’re using custom fields.


Crystal - THANK YOU. This is exactly what I am talking about. I end up making a bunch of templates that get copied from one task and/or project to another, and I try to remember to delete that history before it gets copied as official.

Show/Hide would be supremely helpful - then it’s there when you need/want to refer to it, and not distracting from the comments when you don’t. :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more with this. Seems such a simple thing but would massively help people see the wood (crucial comments) for the trees (activity feed).


I would love to be able to hide/show the activity feed. It can quickly distract from essential comments and attached files. People in our agency are becoming more and more annoyed with the activity feed. If you have a lot of interactions on a task it also looks ugly.


I always delete mine because the overload with those + the comments. I am that person who hates to see the bubble on my outlook app showing unread emails. Lol


I would also love to be able to hide/show the activity feed!


Another vote to hide the activity feed. It really clutters the interface.


I would give quite a lot to be able to hide the activity feed. We’re lawyers and don’t care a whit about it. So it just serves to interfere with our productivity. It makes the interface seem messy and the task list feel much more burdensome than it actually is. Please, please, please allow us to hide it.


Even if the Activity Feed was moved after the comments, that would be helpful. It’s something we hardly ever use, so having it as a reference is nice, but it doesn’t need to take up prime real estate.

If a Show/Hide Activity Feed option is added, we should be able to set it as the default, rather than having to manually click it for each task.


Can I “upvote” my own topic? :slight_smile: We’ve recently started using Asana much more consistently as a company (YAY!!) and are finding the the activity feed helpful, so that’s a plus. On the flipside, since so many more people are using it, the activity feed is growing and it’s making it harder for everyone to see the comments at a glance. I really, really, really would love the ability to show/hide the feed and agree with Kimberly about the ability to set a default on a Team level. Can anyone from Asana let us know if this is getting any traction/attention from the development team? Thanks!


Please do something about it.

I have users that avoid using the comment section of a task because once you have few comments or the due date changes multiple times this is unusable.
At minimum sperate system generated messages form users comments. Hard to read the mixed list.

Mixing system log with user comments is simply bad product management on an otherwise great product.


Still no movement on this, eh? For what it is worth, I have long felt that having to manually delete the system log is the single worst feature of this product. If it is necessary for some user, than by all means keep it. But I cannot fathom a good reason why there is no option to hide it, or at least to auto-pin user comments on the top. It makes the comments feature on tasks almost useless.


Chiming in again! :smiley: As we are using Asana more and more consistently every day, the feed is helpful and getting in the way at the same time. EXAMPLE: We are using the Board format for nearly all of our projects. We name columns as the steps in the process and move tasks left to right as they move through the process. That means we are not actually marking tasks complete, but moving them to the next column. And that means we are adding and removing people and adjusting dates as the task moves through the process. We are very happy with this as a way to keep track, and when we are reviewing the path of the task, the history is helpful. But, in the actual work, when people are trying to read comments and stay current with what’s going on, it’s actually distracting and NOT helpful to have to scroll through the history and try to see where the actual comments are and to scroll alllllllll the waaaaaaayyyyyy dddddoooooowwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnn to the bottom of the list to see the most recent comments. We tried pinning the most recent to the top, but it’s not actually a viable solution. Is there ANY movement on this feature at all?


I’ll add another vote for something that solves this issue, whether it’s a show/hide option or a complete rethinking of how this area gets displayed. The activity log grows even more unwieldy when there are dependencies that get shifted around, and it’s impossible to tell if there are more comments (which may provide crucial context) hiding further down on a task without having to scroll a couple miles to check. Here’s just one recent example I ran into:


We are actually discussing to change to another program. i cannot describe how annoying the activity field is for us.


Yes please! Being able to hide the activity feed would greatly improve the intuitive feeling of Asana. I find the feed distracting and don’t use it. I can imagine it to be useful in certain situations so would not vote to remove it all together. The option to hide it would be great.


Totally need to have the ability to turn this off… it annoying and super non user friendly…
Any news from @Asana on whats happening with this?