Feature Request: Having a global setting for toggling All Activity/Comments Only

Having recently been confused (thinking it was a bug) that Asana tasks were showing Comments only, I spotted the toggle to change to All Activity. I suppose I noticed it persisted in that Workspace, and all was fine. However, coming to another Workspace today, I was confused as to why Comments only were showing again.

My automatic reaction was to check my user settings to see if there was some global setting I could change there, but there wasn’t.

It was only by searching that I came across the thread talking about the A/B split testing of Set “All Task activity” by default. Reading through it and @Emily_Roman’s solution, I gleaned how this feature is now working to default to Comments only, saving the user’s last setting, and that being something per workspace.

Could a toggle for this be added to the Settings? Obviously this is already a flag behind the scenes that is stored per workspace. It would be much clearer to (also) “see” (and change) this within the Settings as it implies this persists - especially as other changes in a Project’s List View don’t persist unless you specifically save them. And personally, I would be fine with it being either something set globally per user, or as a user setting per workspace.

As a side note, I do have concerns that those I collaborate with will miss information now because they won’t notice that this is something to change in the activity feed. I understand it makes the feed cleaner for new users being onboarded, and we can adapt to adding specific comments to draw attention to anything pertinent, but I do echo other users in the original thread (which is now locked) that a change of default setting like this is a disruption and confusion for collaborators. Maybe there was some kind of notification when it was pushed out and I missed it? But that means it is highly likely that those I collaborate with also missed it (seeing as I use Asana more than all of them).

I’d suggest it would be a better user experience (and so maybe this is a separate feature request) if new features that change the way Asana works triggered an overlay that, 1) tells us about the change, 2) immediately show a toggle to either keep the old behaviour or try the new behaviour, 3) tell us where we can change this later. Then at least I could trust that my teammates across my various workspaces are more likely to be aware of the change and how it might impact our collaboration. Trust is a big deal when using a tool like Asana.

(Note: Originally created in Report a Bug by accident, so deleted it there and created it in Product Feedback.)

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Nice! Don’t forget to vote, @Sarah_L, like I did!