Comment-only not actually comment-only?


I’m a little confused with Asana’s “comment-only” feature.

In order to prevent mishap and accidental changes to tasks, I am trying to assign everyone on a project “comment-only”, so that only the project manager can make changes to tasks. For example, we don’t want people to accidentally delete a dependency, change a due date, or change a task’s section. But when I assign a user “comment-only” permission, that user is still able to make all those changes–worse, they’re even able to delete the task!

What am I missing here?

Thank you in advance!

Whoops, I actually got it! The tasks in question were in several projects at the same time, and one of them was not comment-only, so the user was able to make changes.

One more question, if someone can help me: is it possible to allow comment-only users to make changes to just one field (for example “status”)?


That currently isn’t a feature in Asana. However, feature to have just one field ‘Status’ editable and rest of them ‘Read Only’ could be a little tedious to manage.

@Emily_Roman @Marie Is something like this in the development pipeline by any chance?

It would be really useful to have User rights based on Features.
For example:

View Add/Edit Delete
Comments x
Tasks x
Project x x
Goals x x
Messages x x x
Milestones x
Progress x
Custom Fields x x
Rules x

Something like this could be really useful.


That’s not in our short plans @Vaibhav_Khatri, but definitely something we will continue considering in the future.

@Raph2 I would encourage you to add this request to our #productfeedback so other community folks can support and upvote this feature request!