New: Comment and View Only Permissions

We heard your feedback! This week Asana announced Comment and View Only permissions.

When you’re working on something important, unwanted and accidental changes aren’t just frustrating, they can derail your project and make you miss deadlines. But just because something shouldn’t be edited by everyone, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be shared with them. In fact, your teammates often need this information to do their jobs effectively. So how you do share important work, but guard your project against unwanted edits?

Create comment-only projects so your work always stays the way you left it. This new way to lock down projects in Asana Premium lets you share information with your entire team or company, without worrying about unwanted changes or edits.

Read about the new update on the blog at New in Asana: Comment and View Only Permissions

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This is a great first step towards protecting project templates. Now we just need to hide tasks in project templates from people’s My Tasks! :lock:


This is a great feature. When will it become available for projects using Board mode?

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We are working on that right now, @Chris_McConnell and hope to have updates on this for you in the next month or so. Stay tuned!

Does the introduction of the ‘comment only’ permission mean that Asana won’t be reviewing any further permission changes?

This thread quite clearly shows the need to provide more than two levels - for example: project admin (can delete); project team member (can add, assign, etc) and project collaborator (your ‘can comment’ level)

Can you please confirm if the Asana Development Team is still reviewing permission levels (based on the 45 votes) or whether this is marked as ‘complete’ at your end.

Many thanks, J