One User Stuck in Comment Only

We have been using Asana since 2019. Our office team, supervisors, & managers are all members in our organization and we have warehouse employees who are guests. The guests are all able to assign themselves tasks, comment, etc. as we want them to. I have one user, who for some reason that I cannot find, is stuck on “Comment Only” in all projects. I have tried creating her a new guest account with a different email address, logging her out on her phone, and clearing the cache on her app.

I just cannot find where and why she is set to “Comment Only” and has to be assigned all of her tasks. Can someone help me out? Thank you.

Hi @Joseph_Lanning thanks for commenting. On the projects itself you can set it so that anyone who joins is automatically comment only. You can change this as the project owner in the share tab. Also the project owner should be able to manually change her to editor if required.

Good answer, @Danielle-GenD, except one minor point…

That used to be the case but now Project Owner doesn’t convey any permissions. All project members, including the Owner, get an access level, and the Project Admin would convey the authority to change others’ permissions, like to Editor.



I’ve noticed that if a Project Admin sets a Member as the Project Owner, that action automatically upgrades that Member to a Project Admin. An interesting behaviour to note!

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