Comment only project - but user can change due date in their My Tasks

Hi there,
We are on a trial version.
I have changed members access via Share button to Commenter only, but users can still amend due dates in their My Tasks. How to amend this function? We do not want any user besides Project Admin to amend those details.

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Here is a great overview/graphic on the project access levels:

Now you mentioned you are on a trial version, did you main Premium?

Then the comment-only access is available. More info here.

Now if a task in a comment-only project is also added to another project that has no restrictions, to which the same person has higher access, then they would still be able to edit tasks.

For a task within a project where somebody has comment-only access, they will not be able to amend due dates, except for tasks assigned to them.

Any task assigned to a person shows up in their My Tasks also and they will be able to amend the due date (even if they have comment-only access in a specific project)

Understood, thank you.
So there is no way to block this option for users also in their My Tasks?

As it stands it does not seem possible.

However here is an existing feedback request regarding being able to block due dates.

As a workaround you can set up a rule in this project so you are notified whenever somebody amends a due date. As an action you could multihome the task, add a comment etc.

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