"Comment Only" tasks and changed due dates


Guys… help. It’s become an issue that a member of our team is changing due dates on important tasks, while he only has “comment only” access. I understand that “comment only”’ doesn’t restrict date-changing, but gosh! It’s so annoying. Aside from telling our team that they CANNOT change dates unless they have full access to projects (which, coincidentally, this team member is the only one who has restricted access…), I’m not sure what to do. Any advice?


Wow, this is a really tricky one. Other than threatening disciplinary action, the only suggestion I have is to use dependencies. If you set all tasks as dependent on the previous ones, you can illustrate to him just how much his date-fiddling affects others’ ability to schedule their work. This would be particularly obvious on Timeline, where it’s obvious that all of the arrows are out of place. Seeing how these changes have a knock-on effect might finally make him understand.

It’s that, or slap him around the head with a large, wet fish. :fish: