I want just the team leader to be able to change task's due date

I would like to modify the task that I create to collab, but i wont that collaborator can change by themself the due date. IS tahat possible?

For ex:

I assign different task in different project to different person inside my team. Every task has his own due date that I set. I would like to make that the person who was assigned the task cannot change the due date.

Can you help me?

Hi @Simone5, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

In this case, you can try changing the member’s permissions to Comment Only. By doing so, tasks collaborators will only be able to comment on the tasks and they won’t be able to change the due date. Please note that this option is currently not available if you assign the task to a member. The task assignee will be able to edit the task.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

But it looks like the user who can comment but are assigned they still can change their own tasks:

Thanks for getting back to me @Simone5! Yes, that’s right. If you assign the task, the assignee is responsible of the request and for this reason they have more level of access. As a workaround, can create a subtask and assign this subtask to the person. By doing so, they will only be able to comment on the parent task but they will have a task assigned that they can mark complete.

thanks again @Emily_Roman but if I assign subtask on a project that is not assigned are you sure that the person cannot change the due date on subtask where they are assigned?

The subtask won’t be automatically added the project, unless you manually add it :slight_smile: If you only assign them the subtask, they will only be able to mark this subtask complete or edit it, but not the main task!

Thanks @Emily_Roman I saw.

The point is:

If in a task more people are working with different subtasks and each subtask is assigned to a single (and different) person, then they are able to change the due date on subtask they are working on.

I would like to make possible that they cannot change the due date on subtasks.
Is that possible?