How does one prevent due date changes by other team members?



Hello everyone,

I am a new user with Asana and loving it so far. However, we have one small issue with the due dates changes. I created a few tasks, and as my team started to test all the options, we realized that due dates can be changed by anyone as we made it public. Is there a way to prevent members from changing titles or due dates in the paid version (I’m currently using the free version until we can find some time to finish our migration from Smartsheet).

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Ysrael Condori


Hello Yseael,

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent people from changing the due date or title, even with advanced permission control.
But you can always see what happens in the activity log of a task

Regarding your migration from smartsheet, there are services like and Zapier who can migrate the items for you and save you hours of work, let me know if I shall make you an introduction.

Moreover, I recommend you agree with your team on an Asana convention to avoid mistakes in changing things which shall not be changed, find more about this here: Asana Implementation Process: Best practices and lessons learned from different companies



What Sebastian said is great advice, and I’ll add a little bit to it - I recommend that one of your expectations/conventions for tasks is that whenever a due date changes, you have to comment on why it’s being changed. So if a team member changes a due date for some reason, but there’s no note, then you can change it back or follow up asking why.

Also to Sebastian’s point about the activity log - you should just be aware that whomever creates the line (like changing a due date) can also remove the line from the activity log. That’s not much of a problem unless you have some nefarious people on your team though =)


Totally agree with Sebastian, team members should not be able to change anything from the project, that defeats the whole purpose.
I was also wondering if this feature would be in the paid version. We’ll consider migration to paid version once member privileges can be adjusted.


@Viro_Films It’s not in the premium version. At present that level of user permissioning is not available. An audit trail exists but you won’t be able to stop someone making the change.


Thanks, everyone! Yes, it seems like we will have to adopt a rule for whenever there’s a due date change. Which shouldn’t be so hard.
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Hi all,

Is there a way to change the permissions for certain members so that they can’t change or delete tasks or due dates so that control can remain with the managers if changes do need to be made?

We are trying to look for a system for managers to have full access but those who report to the managers to only have limited access so that they can see what task are assigned to them and when they are due by and thats it.

I understand that this can be followed in the activity log but a task that has a number of people working on it creates an activity log that become very difficult to follow.

Look forward to your repsonse


Chris J


Hi @Chris13,

Yes, this is now possible! Last November Asana introduced a way to accommodate this (in the Premium version). See How to assign task and inform members without they can make changes to it? for more info.