Task editing permissions

Hi all,

I am after some advice.

When creating tasks for the team, I wish to lock the ability to edit the due dates unless you are the project admin officer.

Ive tried the various permissions (commentor, editor etc) but this has not worked.

Essentially, we are hoping to have a “protected template” so if the dates do need to be managed, we can record a reason for reporting purposes down the track.

Hi @matt_collingwood
Setting your project members to ‘Commenters’ should lock the ability for them to make any changes to the project and its tasks. However, any assignee will be able to make certain changes to the task they are assigned to, including the due date.

You can refer to the table in the Asana Guide here (refer to last column ‘Commenter with task assigned’):

To keep better track of changes to due dates, you could use the new Gantt view which includes a Baseline feature which will visually show you changes to any dates.


@Richard_Sather -thanks very much for this. I will test this out now with the team.

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