Introducing Gantt view

Hi Asana Community,

I’m Eileen, a Product Marketing Manager at Asana. I’m excited to share that we are launching a new project view - Gantt!

It’s more important than ever to keep strategic projects on track and continue driving impact. However, we’ve heard that there are some challenges when it comes to complex projects where it’s important to compare original plans against actual progress.

Today, we’re launching Gantt view in the Premium plan to help you and your team get a birds-eye view of project plans and progress. You can create a Gantt view in new and existing projects to…

  • Plan and estimate key delivery dates with task auto scheduling and durations
  • Manage projects end to end with clarity on work schedule (incl. subtasks) and dependencies
  • Monitor how a project deviates (or not) over time by comparing against a baseline

Using Gantt vs Timeline view

Gantt Timeline
To plan and manage projects that are more structured and process-oriented from the start For iterative projects where you expect to continue planning on the go
When it’s critical to compare actual progress against original plans When it’s important to see swimlanes and sort/filtered views
Where there are complex dependencies or a strict schedule/deadline to meet When there are some dependencies, but changes can be accommodated

If you are interested to learn more, join our live webinar on October 4, which will include how to strategically plan and prioritize work using Gantt view:

Alternatively, you can also learn more about our new Gantt view and how to use each feature in this article in our Help Center.

We are so excited to roll out this long-awaited feature - please try it out and let us know what you think!

Please note we are gradually rolling out this update, and it will be available to all Premium, Business and Enterprise customers soon.


My team is going to love this update! It will be incredibly helpful for the project managers now.


Bravi, Asana!



Can’t wait to start using this - seems like the exact boost in structure that I’ve needed from timeline view!


Would love to test out the Gantt view but I’m unable to find this on an existing project. I read through the Gantt view article:

Is there something we need to enable in order for the Gantt option to appear?

Hi @Thao_Nguyen1, we are gradually rolling out this feature, and it will be available to all paid customers soon :slight_smile: I will post an update in this thread as soon as it’s fully launched!


Thanks for the prompt reply! Will keep an eye out for the update!


Another excellent feature!


Do we know if the new Gantt View will allow you to save a view with subtasks visible?

Like here:

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I have reviewed the document, but I cannot find a description of the critical path.
Could you please make an addition to the text?
Gantt view – Asana Help Center

Addendum: I kindly request a reassessment of the critical path itself.

When you select “Gantt options”, “Highlight critical path” is one of the options you can enable:


You’re right that there’s no specific discussion of it in the Gantt documentation. I think, though, that it works the same way as it does in the Timeline view, explained here:


Nice, for improvement, It would be cool if Gant view can represent the % of task done, so in one look you can know the situation of the project.


This is fantastic! There are definitely projects where this is going to be incredibly helpful!


Do you have a date when this will be 100% rolled out? End of month?


shit just dropped and it’s epic

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Hey team, The feature is brilliant, Loved it:)) Any options to export it as PDF or other modes to share with clients?? Looking forward to hearing from you, Many Thanks:)))


Wow, this is awesome! Well done to the teams involved. Asana really seems to be outdoing itself this year. We just need a way to have budgets, rates and timesheets and it will be perfect :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for such nice feedback for Gantt view! :heart:

@Kristen_Carlson1 we are gradually rolling out this update, and it should be available to all customers within a few days. I will update this post once it’s fully launched :slight_smile:

@Vilol_Joshi it’s currently not possible to export Gantt view to PDF. Our team is aware of this request, and we will share updates in the Forum if we have any plans to implement it in the future. Feel free to create a new thread in the Product Feedback category, so users can upvote for this feature too!


Great addition to Asana. We are a Construction company and this was something we really missed since MS Project is the norm for our industry! Can’t wait to put it to use here.


How to see assignee like on your first screenshot? Of course my task with assignee