All projects into calendar/Gantt chart view

Hi there, I am wondering if it is possible to create a calendar view/Gantt chart view of ALL my projects with all of their due dates included - so like a master calendar of everything I have in Asana laid out in a timeline. I know you can do this for each individual project, but after tinkering quite a bit I have not found a way to do it for all my projects in one output.

Has anyone successfully done this or know of a plug-in or something that can? Thank you in advance

Hi @Tucker_McCormick and welcome to the Forum! If all your projects are gathered in the same Team, have you condiered using the Team calendar?

The Portfolio feature (available with our Business plan) would also be a good option, you can learn more about it here ->

Instagantt allows this quite easily.

Thank you Stephanie! I didnt even know about Instagantt but I will look into it