Timeline - view multiple projects together

Does anyone know if you can view multiple timelines together?

My teams account is set up so that each project is separate, but there are a few that share the same resources, so I’d like to see a timeline view that displays the 3 projects together.



Great question, @sarah_stern!

At this time it isn’t possible to view multiple projects (or Timelines) in one Timeline view. The good news is, this feature is on our team’s radar so hopefully we add this to the roadmap soon.

The best workaround to get multiple projects in one view is to create an Advanced Search report and view your projects in one calendar. Learn more here: Using search & advanced search in Asana | Product guide • Asana


Hi! Here is how you can view multiple projects in one Timeline:

  1. Create a new Project.
  2. Add tasks across all teams/projects to this new project
  3. View everything in Timeline.

Note: If you set the new project to private, then the owners/collaborators of the added task will not get notified and will not see the addition to the private project.

Hope this helps.


Is it possible to view multiple projects on the same timeline?


Have a look at Timeline - view multiple projects together

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Hey @Barbara_Rourke
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Thanks but having to create a separate project with the due dates just doubles my work and I have to remember if I change dates on one board I have to change it on another board. This is not really a viable solution for me. Please let me know when you can view multiple projects on a timeline. Until then I will downgrade to the free version.


Hi There, I agree that making a whole new project just to have multiple projects show up on one timeline is time consuming and is why we went with Asana - to save time.

For larger organizations that have multiple teams in one department, this feature would be super helpful as those in project management really need to have a timeline/gantt chart/roadmap to share with external stakeholders.

Happy to hear that this feature is on Asana’s radar - hope it comes soon!


Hi there.

We are in need of being able to see multiple projects in the Timeline view, and currently the closest thing is either the calendar view which doesn’t work for us, or InstaGantt which is ok. We also have a need for seeing available resources, and the only option we see is using yet another third party platform, which is Outplanr, and we rather just do it all under Asana.

We know you have these, and many others planned, and working on them. But what is their delivery time? Is it in the next month? Less, a whole lot more? That way, we can plan accordingly.



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I like “Chronologie” (it shall be "Timeline in the english version). But s I work with small team, every one work in a lot of project.
If I’m not mistaking on can only use Chronologie in a project, but with a lot of project it’s not easy to organize them with respect for the available time of each people. I’d like to see and manage the chronology by team (see if projects doesn’t superimpose themselves too much) and by user.

For now I have to add every task of each project to a global project to see it, I’d like this to be easier, like using research for discriminating users/project and yet use chronology to plan everything quickly.

Best regards.

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Hi, and thanks !

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Hi Marie.
Can you post the link to the thread you merged this to?
Id like to vote for it.

Hi @Michael_Ward and thanks for the mention! This is the thread I was referring to, but i only realise now it was in the wrong category. I have moved it to the #productfeedback category, so you should now be able to add your vote by clicking on the “Vote” button at the top of this page!

Can anyone tell me if Asana introduced this yet? I’m using Asana at the moment and it’s good, but without the ability to view multiple projects on one timeline it becomes largely useless because we can’t easily use it to forecast fundamental things like when we are likely to be at capacity and therefore need to get more help or when we are too busy to take on more work. Such an oversight.


Hi @toby1! This is feature is not built-in Asana yet, but here is a good workaround to achieve what your’re looking for.

This is definitely something we’re planning to implement in the near future; I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I have more info in this regards.

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I too would love for this feature to be introduced please!


Hello -
I am very new customer and this is my first post. I am surprised there is no simple way to have a dynamic master timeline for all projects. This is exactly what I was expecting from Asana.

In a comment above, @Terri_Burden notes the project is on the dev team’s radar -
any idea when we might see this feature in production?



Hi @DMS and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

We’re aware this is a popular request, and our Team is still working on improving Timelines (as an example, we recently implemented Sections in Timelines) so hopefully this feature will be released in the near future. I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as it is the case! Thank you so much for your patience :slight_smile: