Sections are now available on Timeline 🎉


Hi everyone!

I’m happy to announce that Sections are now officially available on Timeline. We recently launched Timeline, a beautiful, living view of how all the pieces of your project fit together. Since then, we’ve made improvements to ensure it’s the best place to plan and manage your projects.

Sections from list view in Asana will now automatically appear on your Timeline, so you can map out your project plan with additional categorization, share a plan with more visual indicators, and quickly adapt your plan by knowing how your tasks are grouped. We have also added the ability to sort by date so you can view and manage your tasks by due or start dates.

You can learn more about these updates in this handy guide article. Note that we’re still in the process of rolling out this feature, so if you don’t have access to it yet, don’t worry you will have very soon.

And as always, feel free to add your comments/feedback int he comments below this post :slight_smile:

Happy Wednesday!

Timeline - view multiple projects together


Does this include sections for board view projects?


Not at the moment @Mihow, but this is definitely on our radar; I’ll make sure to keep you posted!


This is GREAT!


It looks like this it’s rolling out slowly. When can everyone expect to have access?


Hi @Christine_Forbes :wave:t3: It should be available to all our users in the next few days!


@Christine_Forbes just got word that Sections on Timeline has been released to 100% of our users! :zap:


I saw it pop up a little earlier!


This is an awesome update! Really adds a ton of context here! 2 questions arise though looking at our more involved clients though. For one, prior completed tasked make the section incredibly tall and it’s quite jarring, especially when we only have 1-2 active tasks in a given section:

Is there any way to essentially “hide completed tasks” within the timeline? This is our team’s largest complaint at the moment. Or even better, if it would automatically adapt the vertical height depending on how many tasks are shown on screen at that given time, that would be awesome! Though it could be jarring if it was actively recalculating the height when going back and forward throughout the timeline.

And the second aspect is that in many of our projects, we use the custom field of “Phase” in a sense for “sections” because it allows for a bit more flexibility in our more structured projects. So our “sections” are actually the “phase” custom field dropdown:

The thing is, when going to Timeline, there’s no way to get this awesome “sections” view with these custom field “sections”. This is all we can see:

This is such a massive step forward for timeline, if the two items above can be remedied in some way, our team will be using timelines far more than just viewing it as a gantt chart.

Keep up the good work!


Hi @abass and thank you so much for your warm feedback! :blush: Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to filter your Timeline by tasks completion or custom fields, but this is definitely something on our radar. In the meantime, I would suggest to add your vote to Sorting / Filter options in timeline.


I’ve been using Timeline since it was released, to manage complexity across projects and annual planning frameworks. Was always wishing for Section Breaks to be included in the view…so great to see this now incorporated. Great job Team Asana and loving it!


Is there any way to turn this feature off? While I appreciate why people want it, in our company’s case, it was better to see the list view by sections and then we sorted the timeline view by person. This particular update really puts a kink into how we schedule our tasks.


PS. also love the ability to hide unscheduled tasks, which allows better use of the Timeline real estate.