Asana Release Notes, April 2019

Hello everyone :sparkles:

Please find below our release notes for April 2019:

  • Timeline by Column: Columns now appear on your Timeline. We previously launched sections on timeline, and now your Boards projects will also show columns on your timeline.
  • Portfolio Membership: You can now share portfolios by adding teammates to keep them updated on the progress. Learn how.
  • Milestones in Advanced Search: With this update, you can filter for milestones in your advanced search.
  • New Add Sections Hotkey: To quickly create a section on List View, use the Tab+N shortcut to create a new section on the next task line. Learn how.
  • Privacy Indicator during Task Creation on Mobile: When you create a task on the mobile app, we show privacy indicators to help you know if you’re creating a private task in My Tasks or a public task in a project.

For more details as well as previous release notes, check out this section of our Guide. As always, please let me know if you have any follow-up questions, I would be happy to help!


Showing columns in the timeline is fantastic. This makes the flexibility of using lists vs boards and toggling so much more feasible. I appreciate it so much! Thanks for the awesome updates.

Bryan Bennett - Certified Pro:


Where are the columns in the timeline? Could you please share a screenshot?

Hey @davidperez, please find a screenshot below!

You can also see an example of what Sections/Columns look like in our Guide article about Timeline here.

I really hope this helps, please let me know if you have any additional questions :blush:


Yes! it helps a lot! Good enhacement!