Asana Release Notes October 2019

Hi everyone,

Please find below a recap of all product launches and update we released in October :tada:

  • Updated project List View : The new project List View combines a grid-like structure with the collaboration features you need to easily create, view, and keep work moving forward—all in one place. Read more about the new List View.
  • New CSV Importer : Our new and improved CSV importer automatically maps spreadsheet columns to fields in Asana so you can save time and get started on your work in a few simple steps. Learn how to get your team’s work into Asana faster.
  • Introducing Rules : Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers can now add Rules to their projects to automate common steps in processes and workflows. Learn how to save time with Rules.
  • Forms now available to Premium customers : Forms are now available for Premium customers, in addition to Business and Enterprise customers. Learn how to streamline processes with Forms.
  • Inbox Filters : Focus on the work that’s most relevant to you by adding inbox filters for @mentions, projects you follow, and more. Learn how to manage Inbox notifications using Filters.
  • Portfolio Timeline : We’ve added a Timeline to Portfolios so you can visually see all the projects in your portfolio in one place and get a birds eye view of project statuses and key dates. Learn how to access the Portfolio Timeline.
  • Increased subtask visibility : You can now see the number of subtasks within a task—without clicking on it—from List, Board, Calendar, Workload, or Timeline View.
  • Auto-saved view in My Tasks : My Tasks will now automatically save your sort, filter, and view preferences.
  • Timeline improvements : We added a complete/incomplete task filter in Timeline, and moved the unscheduled tasks panel to the righthand side, to be more in-line with Workload’s unscheduled tasks layout and improve usability.
  • Delete sections improvements : Sections can now be deleted even if they still contain (complete or incomplete) tasks.
  • iOS refresh : We gave our iOS app a visual refresh and improved navigation so you can easily find the information you need, even when you’re away from your desk.

As usual, you can find all previous Release Notes on our Guide, and if you have any questions, feel free to post them below!

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Can we have a space to add project members instead of email options? The only tasks I would be sending is to my volunteers or board members to do a task. I’m confused about the email option?

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