Asana Release Notes October 2020

Hi folks :wave:t3:

Please find below release notes for features and updates we launched in September:

  • Introducing Dashboards : Use project Dashboards to see charts and graphs that help you quickly understand progress and identify blockers. Learn all about Dashboards.

  • Updates to Sections on Timeline : You can now add, rename, delete, rearrange, or collapse sections on Timeline. Learn more about planning and executing projects with Timeline.

  • Create follow-up tasks from iOS inbox : Quickly create follow-up tasks from Inbox on iOS.

  • Boards Improvements : View card details while maintaining visibility of your board, take actions directly on cards, and access options from the “more actions” menu. Learn all about boards.

  • Edit Goal progress metric : Edit a goal’s progress metric after setting it, including changing the metric type (ex. % to $), the initial value, and the target value. Learn how

  • Updates to user management for Admins : Organization Admins can now edit members’ profile information and edit the teams a member belongs to. Learn more about the Admin Console.

  • Markdown syntax shortcuts : Asana’s text editor now supports common markdown shortcuts for supported styles. Check out the community forum announcement for details.

As usual, you can visit to check out previous release notes, and if you have any questions, feel free to post them below!


ping @Julien_RENAUD :wink:

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Marie, is there any updates on how we manage finished tasks within section?

Not at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted in Archive a Section in a Project :slight_smile:

Hi Leonarce,
If you are referring to being able to hide or archive sections containing only closed tasks, I came up with a workaround here, which might help?

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Thank Robin, not an elegant solutions but perhaps it would solve the problem for now.

Everything seems much brighter (color-wise) this morning. Tags are bold, palette is brighter…something is up!

@Shawn_Holmes, keep an eye out for an official announcement in the #announcements later today :slight_smile:

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Wondering why the colors for the fields changed? It used to be all the same font color, now it’s some in black and some in white. It’s not very pleasing to the eye! Is there an option to change this?

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HI @Hailey_Ingraham, see this announcement for more details New! Updated customizable color palette for better accessibility


Thanks Marie!

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