Sorting / Filter options in timeline

The timeline view should allow sorting of tasks by different criteria, particularly by assignee, so to enable us to easily check what each teammate is working on and what the teammate will be working next, without having to painfully scroll back and forth scanning for an avatar.

Is there a way to sort the timeline cascading downward by date like you can in Instagantt?



Also curious on this one! We have found that it starts sorted by date by default but then as dates change or as people drag things around there’s no way to reset it to sort by the current dates or by custom fields (we have a priority field we rely on a lot).

Asana getting their timeline function up to speed will REALLY increase the usefulness of the application in our day to day!


Speaking of Timeline requests…and building on Tommy’s comments…I’m sure there are great things ahead for Timeline. Please consider adding functionality sooner rather than later for auto shift of task dates dependent upon a prior task date being moved forward or backwards. If the Timeline could auto-update to show the new project completion that would be awesome. Right now (unless I’m missing something) I have to go and shift every subsequent task date as completion dates on prior tasks change. If you have projects with 100 or so tasks like we do, this is a painful waste of time…but the only way to see your end date. If this functionality is already there and I’m missing a step please someone let me know.


This would change my whole work experience. We constantly deal with changing delivery dates and each time I change one I then have to go through and manually think my way through the 50 things that influences. If changing on thing gave the option to perpetuate that change through all other things? Holy cow. Please.

I would also like to know the answer to this - manually re-sorting a big timeline is a pain. Either by due date or by tag would be awesome.

@Tommy_Casual and @Chris_Harris2 FYI - if you put this in the product feedback thread people can vote if they think it’s a good idea :grinning:

Thanks for the suggestion, Ruth…I did just that!

+1 for the ability to sort and filter tasks on timeline based on custom fields.


Hi folks, just a quick update to let you know you can now sort your Timeline by Assignee! For more info and feedback :point_right: You can now sort your Timeline by Assignee 🎉

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Today, I noticed Custom Filters in my Timeline including by Custom Field. This is amazing, but did I miss an announcement?

Hi everyone,

We’re after rolling out new filters for your Timeline, check them out in this thread :point_right: We're bringing a new filter to Timeline and Workload!