We're bringing a new filter to Timeline and Workload!

Hi folks :wave:t3:

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve started rolling out new filters to Timeline and Workload, allowing you to quickly filter out Complete and Incomplete tasks! Please note this update is rolled out progressively and will be available to all paid users within the next couple of days. To check out what this new filter looks like, have a look at this guide [article] (https://asana.com/guide/help/premium/timeline), and as always, feel free to post your questions and feedback in the comments below!

Have a great day!


Quick note to let you know this is now available to 100% of our users :tada:


These are fantastic! Makes both project timelines so much more useful. And portfolio timelines, my gosh it’s Christmas.



Are you considering also adding a Filter similar to the one exxisting in the Board view?


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Dear Marie,
can you introduce more filters to timeline.
I give an example.
When i have made a project and time line. Some of these tasks are use full for the client to see. If i ad a custumfield to those activities with eg. vieuw for client, then i could filter the time line for this customfield. The new filtered time line could then be exported and printed out in PDF. We could then show the client.

I give you an other application.
eg. I woul like to view all the actions between two dates and that for a specific user or external party. With combined filtes on the time line, this would be possible. So it is vital that we have the posibilitie to have a combined filter on the time line and that the results then can be exported to a PDF or exell in which futher visual adaptions could be made.

Looking forward for your feedback,


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This is huge! Timeline was worthless and now I absolutely love it. Thank you!!!

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I’d love to be able to sort using Custom Fields! We’re using Timeline as a whole-company “Gantt chart” and it would be ideal to be able to sort by our custom “department” field. Pretty please and thank you!


I second this comment. While the Timeline is a helpful tool, it can become too cluttered if you’re not able to filter by custom fields.

Any ideas of when a feature like this might be available?

Not at the moment @Kosar_Jahani, but we will share more info in #community-forum-announcements as soon as we know more!

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