Filters for Calendars and Timeline (and Boards)

I know Timeline has the incomplete/completed task filters, but it needs more filtering. Moreover, the filtering system should really be the same (I think) for List, Boards, Timeline, and Calendar views, and it should be more advanced than what is offered for Lists right now.

For example, I may want to filter by 2, 3, or whatever number of custom fields. I should be able to do that. If I wanted to filter to a specific assignee, by a specific date range, and by 3 other custom fields, I should be able to do that.

One example of how we would use this is to make an editorial calendar. We have multiple teams at times, working on the same campaigns, and other times working on one-off projects. Upper management wants to be able to see these projects, but not really on the project level, they want to see what’s being delivered… but not down to the task level. They are tasks, but they are more deliverable tasks than just straight up tasks. But if we put all these deliverable tasks on this editorial calendar, it would be too much to look at all the time. But having a way to drill down and see just stuff form one team, or just projects that fall under this or that custom field, would help filter things out so it’s more reasonable to look at. That’s just one use, I have multiple possible uses for advanced filtering.

Hi @Francesco_Alessi and thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!

Could you let us know what type of new filter you’d like to see in Asana?

This is a popular request in the Forum and we already have a thread on this topic :slight_smile: If you haven’t yet, you can add your vote here: Sort and filter project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example)

Have you considered using Portfolios for this? How to Get Started With Asana Portfolios | Product Guide • Asana

Looking forward to your reply!

  1. to really have the power i desire, I need the ability to select any (multiple) custom fields and even have each custom field pull 1 or more parameters.

For example: Let’s say I use a custom field for TEAMS, and I have 8 teams listed (parameters), I may want to select 1, 2, 3 or more teams to be filtered. But take that further, I may want to use 2-3 custom fields with each one of those allowing me to select one or more parameters in order to really drill down to the information I want. I can explain further if I’m not making sense.

  1. I’m going to vote now.

  2. Two things on portfolios and your other Business tier offerings. Yes, I tried Portfolios and it’s just too early for them yet. The work it takes to build a portfolio is just too much. The second thing is, it would really be nice if we could turn on the upgraded tier features even if it’s just for a few days, and then maybe we would have to wait another 30 days to try again. But that would be much easier for me than to keep doing a trial upgrade. For me, the Business rollout that you all did is great start, but not worth us upgrading yet. Each item needs work. I would love to try the custom rules, but again, I can’t without a trial to Business.

Filtering options are required in the timeline view. Basically the same that is currently possible in the list view (filtering for custom fields, assignee etc.) is needed also in the timeline view - but please with multi select option. This would make the timeline much more useful for scheduling tasks in big projects. Our current workaround is simply to not use Asana at all for this but moving back and forth between an Excel sheet and Asana, which is certainly a poor fix.


Hi @Martina and thank you for sharing your feedback with us! Don’t forget to add you vote by clicking on the Vote button next to the title :slight_smile:.

Please note that you can currently sort your Timeline view by Assignee, Start Date and Due Date and you can filter by Completed and Incomplete Task.

There is an existing thread requesting to sort tasks by multiple options: Sort and filter project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example). If you haven’t yet, I would also recommend you to upvote for this one.

Have a great day!

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@Natalia - i think you missed understanding the requirement. I am with Martina on this…we don’t want to Sort a list…we want to hide/show what displays in the timeline view using a filter. Here is a use case to help demonstrate - In timeline view…

  • I have 5 product lines (Which I represent using Sections)
  • In each section - I have major Feature Launches as one color - I use a Label to set the colors of major features
  • Then I have three tech teams…each are workign on items that contribute to a major feature. I use a Label to set a color for each team also so you can easily see them at a glance

In monthly review with all groups in the room, we discuss the progress high level of each team and any blockers/dependancies. We look first from the Major feature top down…to see dependancies…but then we also ask each software manager to give an update accross all their major items.

It is difficult for them to easily run through each item when they are mixed in with items from other teams. I woudl like to ‘filter by team’ so that only their items show under each major feature …then toggle to another team…and another team…then toggle back to show all teams contributions to the single goal.

so…in short…not to pre-empt how to solve this…A Filter that works similar to the ‘all tasks / incomplete tasks / complete tasks’…that instead allows you to set which feild you want to filter on…would make this tool amazing.

Hoping to see this show up on roadmaps somewhere ! I love this product but also with others…I am having to look at alternatives to solve my problem.


Emphasizing my need for custom filtering across view types. I’d like to be able to use the capability of going to Filter > Custom Filter and then using any existing column/field in the project to further filter, no matter if I’m in calendar, timeline, board, list view. Especially in Calendar and Timeline to help me get buy-in from stakeholders (for similar use as mentioned above re: pulling it up in meetings and filtering out items not relevant to current viewers).


I’d like to add my voice as well to request more filtering options. It’s not enough to sort by assignee, I want to filter by assignee. Luckily there is only myself and one other person in our team using Asana at the moment, otherwise our timeline would be so much harder to look at. It would be so beneficial if I could filter our timeline to be able to see only my tasks when I choose to.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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Adding to this thread/request… Timeline view filtered to Milestones only would be great for at-a-glance big picture overviews and help identify Milestone deadlines & dependencies. Thanks!

I would like to see the ability to filter by assignee in the project Timeline view like in the project List view. Just like in the List view, I would like the filtered assignee to be automatically added to any new tasks added in timeline view. This would be a big time saver for individual users who are always entering their own tasks, or for project team members who are being asked to add their own tasks, or for a project manager to add tasks for each of their team members in batches (ie. filter by the team member, add their tasks, then repeat for other team members). This will save time compared to adding an assignee (often the same one) for several tasks one by one. Thanks for considering this.

Hi @jean-guy, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

This is popular feedback in the Forum and we do have an existing #productfeedback thread on this topic :slight_smile: To consolidate all feedback, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one.

I’ll loop back in with you should our Product team implement this feature in the future! :slight_smile:

This would mean a great deal for us so please hurry… :slight_smile:


@JohanW what types of filters would you want to see?

Filter by multiple custom fields and also by tags. Feels like a given…


Thanks. I am looking to scope out particulars.

Sort by Field 1, then by Field 2, correct?

Or Filter results by checking or unchecking fields and tags and assignee?

Thanks for your feedback. Anything you can share will help.

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Yes, please add more filtering options. Timelines view are great but it would be way more useful if I could apply a filter. For example, if I could filter on Assignee I would have a more visual way to resource plan.

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Piling on support for this - I will add my vote above. I would like to filter by type of task. For example, I’d prefer not to show multiple items on a calendar for a single deadline because I had to copy it for multiple contributors. If I make their task a subtask to a milestone, I’d like to filter out these subtasks so that only the milestones show on the calendar. Similarly, I’d prefer not to see individual tasks that they’ve generated on their own unless we’re having a project discussion and not a department discussion. I see that this has been a request for several years. We’d love to have more flexibility. Thanks!

Im setting up Asana for our marketing team who is operating in 6 different countries with 6 teams. Instead of creating numerus content calendars for each country (lack of overview and will clutter the Asana interface) I want to have one Master content calendar.

In this master Content Calendar i want to be able to se all planed content or filter on countries (we have a custom field for each country).

You can do this in the List and Board view but I cant find it in the Timeline or Calendar view?

Am I missing something here or is there no filter in Timeline and Calendar? If so - is there a work around and is this a upcoming feature?

There are existing threads on the topic, you should have searched first :slight_smile:

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Filtering a timeline per project would be a very strong feature, would’ve needed it today.