Sort Tasks by Multiple Filters




Sky View Suites, a Toronto-based property managment company, is diving head first into Asana and loving it. The webapp is fantastic and has unlimited opportunities for organization.

One of the most important feature additions in our opinion would be the ability to sort tasks by multiple features, for example assignee AND due date.

Is this a possible feature addition?

Sky View Suites Operations Manager


Hi Nico, I am looking for the same, I think Asana is missing this feature. I have been using Asana and I can say how widely flexible it is (which I love) in terms of creating tasks and assign them across several projects, creating tags etc. However when you go to a view to customize/sort the way you would like to see your/everyone tasks to be displayed it does not offer us that extraordinary flexibility. I hope that this is improved in the near future. At the moment, I have to spend extra time (costs) sorting tasks for myself and everyone.