Multi-filtering on my tasks list, board and calendar views!

Hello Everyone :wave:, I am Danni one of the Forum Leaders and I am so excited to announce on behalf of Asana the new Multi-Filtering feature for My Tasks! If you are like me, your Asana “My Tasks” is a pretty busy place to be.

But with this new release of Multi-Filtering in My Tasks, you and I will now be able to find specific groups of tasks that you are interested in helping us focus and get work done!

We still have the original filter of complete or incomplete but with this fantastic new release Asana have added the functionality of now using fields (including single & multi select, all date fields and people fields) AND the ability to overlay these by using multiple filters at a time! You have the option to use filters in List, Board and Calendar (monthly view only).

This one above for example would filter all incomplete tasks of a high priority that are due before today (overdue). However if I wanted to narrow this down further I could add in an extra filter using a date custom field to find anything that is high priority, overdue but is due to be published (estimated publish date) tomorrow!

You may notice it looks a little different to the current project based filter, as the Assignee and Just My Tasks filter are not options (as your My Tasks are only tasks assigned to you). Additionally, at the moment it is not possible to filter tasks by projects (as yet, but Asana are aware this is something that is wanted) but you can still use the ‘Group By’ whilst the filters are applied. There is also a limit of 10 filters applied at one time.

I would love to hear below your thoughts, feedback, and questions on this new release. Don’t panic if you cannot see it as yet; this is a gradual rollout from Sept 28 to Oct 25 (dates are subject to change, I will keep you posted with updates here).

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More filters is always good!

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@Danielle-GenD excellent news! I really need this feature for the WEEKLY view of the Calendar. Please pass it on… Thank You!

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@Marie any update on if/when they might develop this? If not maybe I can create a vote thread

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I’d recommend creating a new thread specifically for this request in the Product Feedback. I don’t have a timeline yet, but our team made it clear this is on their radar, so hopefully soon! @Danielle-GenD or I will keep you posted here once we have an update! e

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I would find it very useful to be able to save multiple filters for quick access. Similar to the ability to add views to projects.

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This is great news, as a lot of us have been requesting this.

What will look different on the My Tasks page, so I can spot when its arrived? This is what I am currently seeing


@Strahan_Spencer1, You’ll see something like this:



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@Danielle-GenD Thanks for these new features. Will it be possible to determine exact dates for filters (e.g. Start date = 01/01/2023) or date intervals (01/01/2023 < Start date < 01/02/2023)?

Great thanks Larry. I’ll look out for it!

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At the moment it is not looking like it is a date range with exact date but you can filter start date and due date with the options above.

Ok, thanks

Hi folks,

This is now out to 10% of users!


I am super confused. Are the Sections that are used in the My Tasks view different from the ones used in Projects? My end goal here is to try to have a Task view with multi/secondary sort, so my thought was to use this new feature in the My Tasks view and sort by Custom Sections, thinking it would show all Tasks for each Project, sorted by each Project Custom Section. Is this not possible?

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This is great. What about multi-sort? And saved views like in projects?


Seconding! Multi-sort is what I’m really interested in.


Hi @Obelisk think of your my tasks as a separate project that houses all your tasks from multiple projects. Custom Sections means your own custom sections you create in your my tasks, you can edit them however you like.

There isn’t a native way of sorting by all projects sections - you can sort by project as a whole.

Hi @Danielle-GenD ,
Thanks heaps for the reply. Yes, after using the My Tasks for a few days that was my assumption. I had been hoping I could have a list of all Tasks, grouped by Project and then within that by Project Section, but it appears that is not possible either in My Tasks or as a Starred Search View. I’ll just cross my fingers and hope for some more advanced Multi-Sort capability at some point.

Thx again.

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This is all great for sure. Still waiting on the ability to filter/hide blocked tasks since we cannot work on them yet.

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Hi there! I am wondering if it is possible to have the filters stick - ie I use my asana as a to do list but every time I open the app I have to reapply the filter “incomplete tasks” otherwise I get a million past tasks to sort through. Do you have any suggestions to help me navigate this?