My Task Filters (date)

Am I missing something? This feels like a basic functionality.

I often am finding myself wanting to filter the “My Task” view down to tasks that are simply due today so I can focus on the day.

I would also filter by date range or overdue as well if possible.

So yea general ability to filter by date. But at the very least tasks due “today” would be a good place to start.

The logic already exists on mobile where the widget will only show you tasks due today. But for some reason on desktop/browser, we are forced to view all tasks assigned to us with only “complete/incomplete” being the real filter.

POST THOUGHT: this could be expanded into a product feature that helps users focus or “get in the zone”

  • tasks get flagged as “zone tasks”
  • you have a button somewhere on Asana to “get in the zone”
  • Minimizes the desktop app to a smaller view that saves screen space and automatically brings up a timer or something.

Interesting, I did not know I needed this :slight_smile: