Only see Today's Tasks?



Hi all!

New to Asana as of a few weeks ago but using it at work and in my personal life and loving it!

I’m wondering if currently there’s a way to only view Today’s Tasks? For example, I have 3 tasks for work today and I would like to be able to have a “full screen” mode for only the list of tasks in the “Today” section.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Joe

Do you use the My Tasks section? It gives you a list of all tasks due today, upcoming or due later. If you wanted to narrow that down to just the tasks that are due today, you could simply collapse the other 2 sections.

Or, if you have a premium subscription, you could create an advanced search report for tasks assigned to you and due in the next 0 days. To be honest, though, the first method does pretty much the same thing and is less hassle.


Hi Mark!

Yes, I do. Right. That’s what I’m doing currently. So the upcoming and due later sections are collapsed but what I would like is a “full-screen mode” for today’s tasks.

Thank you for work-around - guess I’ll just have to suggest it as a feature to be added on!


I am sorry for the misunderstanding but I don’t understand the problem. Why the advance search on tasks assigned to you with due today is not ok? Save the search and access it anytime you want.


Because what I’m looking for is a “full-screen” view. To give you an example…

  1. create a new task
  2. then while the task is selected on the left side, press TAB + X. This will bring this task into “full-screen” mode. I would like to be able to do this but with the Today section.

By Today section, I’m referring to the tasks listed in the main task list, specifically within the Today section. This does not necessarily mean they have a due date set for today’s date but rather are things you will work on today. You can place tasks in this category by using the keyboard shortcut TAB + Y while a task in the task list is selected.

Does that make sense?


Similar to Wunderlist’s smart list called “Tday” (or “This week”) could come in very handy.


My “My Tasks” screen doesn’t sort things by due today, due this week, etc.

I add all my tasks under projects, not my tasks and I’m worried that’s why. I would appreciate having this view as well since it’s a long, overwhelming list without the headers.


Hi @Julie_Boll

My Tasks should display all tasks that are assigned to you, regardless of whether or nor they’re part of projects. Once they’ve appeared in the New Tasks section at the top, you then allocate them to either Today, Upcoming or Later. Tasks will automatically be promoted through the sections based on their due dates, but you can also move tasks around depending on how you want to organise it; for example, I keep all tasks that are due in the next month in Upcoming.

The quickest way to send tasks to those sections is to use the keyboard shortcuts:

Tab + Y = Today
Tab + U = Upcoming
Tab + L = Later

You could also check to make sure My Tasks isn’t sorted by any criteria. If you want to just see the 3 standard sections, click on the settings and make sure it looks like this:


If you’re still having problems, could you please post a screenshot of your My Tasks?


Thanks Mark. When I undid the filter by due date, I realized I do have the headers, but my “new Tasks” header has probably 50 items in it so I couldn’t see Today, Upcoming and Later. So, I went through and changed a bunch of my “new tasks” to today, upcoming and later using the shortcuts you suggested. My problem now is they are not sorted in “Upcoming” by due date, just by the order I added them. I would ideally like Upcoming to include next two weeks and later to include 2weeks to 6 weeks out. Can I set this?



Hi Julie

Tasks automatically promote from Later to Upcoming a week before the due date, and from Upcoming to Today on midnight before the due date (see However you can manually drag tasks where you want them to be. One idea might be to create a couple of section headers in Upcoming. You could have one for two weeks and one for six:


I use sections in Today for tasks that are Ongoing (start date today or later, and due date in the near future), On hold (tasks where the due date was recent but they need to be rescheduled for some reason) and Due now (tasks that must be completed today. I then have anything due in the next month in Upcoming and everything else in Later.

Sections might be the best way of organising things the way you want them.


Ok thank you Mark, this is helping. I’ve created some sections within Today, Upcoming and Later and I guess I’ll just get in the habit of moving things between these headers.

i don’t understand why things have been sorted into the “No Project” header. These are tasks associated with a project “Diane Leonard Consulting” and a task “Mosaic NYS- Mental Health Clinic” with a list of subtasks. I want to be sure I’m not missing out on tasks in my view


Sounds good, Julie! Once you get used to allocating the tasks to sections and manually sorting them, it becomes second nature. It actually helps me to remember what I’ve got coming up.

The reason those tasks appear in No Project is because they’re subtasks. A little quirk in Asana is that subtasks don’t automatically inherit the parent task’s project status. You can select the subtasks and add them to Diane Leonard Consulting in the task pane (or by using Tab + P).

@Julien_RENAUD started an excellent thread on it here:


Ok, so I need to move away from using Subtasks. While I have you, is there a way for Asana to automatically assign project tasks to me? I have to manually do it for every single task in a project. I don’t have anyone else on my team.


There’s no way to automatically assign tasks through the normal UI - there might be a way through the Asana API, but you’d have to post a question in the API section of the Community to get an informed opinion on that one!

However, every task you create in My Tasks is automatically assigned to you by default. So, you could create the tasks there and add them to a project. Or, just multi-select all tasks in a project (click on the text in the first task, hold down shift and select the last) and assign them all to yourself in one go. Tab + M is the shortcut for that.


Got it, thanks!


As a side note, I somehow lost my upcoming tasks category from the My Tasks view. Using Tab + U on a task record both re-created the Upcoming Tasks section and threw my task into that section.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that those sections aren’t visible until you designate a task there. It has caused a bit of confusion for some of our new team members who expected to see those sections as default.