Creating a task list for today

Slightly related to this topic, I want to create a list that only shows me the tasks I need to work on today. To me, that list should include all tasks that have a due date for today AND include all tasks where the today falls in the date range between the start date and due date of the task. I’ve not been able to figure out how to create that list. The My Tasks view does part of it, but only if the due date is within the next week. To give a concrete example, I want a list that would show the following tasks:

  • Task 1: Due today
  • Task 2: Due today
  • Task 3: Start date October 15, Due date October 19

Hi @Leon_Stigter - There are a few options for how you could solve this. But keep in mind, all are workarounds, because there is not currently any support for start date based automations in Asana.


OPTION 1 – Advanced search: You could create an Advanced Search to control exactly how many days into the future you want to include the tasks. Unfortunately, this cannot be coupled with a start date filter, because tasks without a start date will be excluded. You could also create two separate advanced searches, one for Due within X number of days, and one for started but incomplete. I know these options do not solve the issue, but it gets you closer without any additional apps or paid integrations.

OPTION 2 – Third-part automation: You could use a third-party tool like Zapier or or hire someone to do this for you. My team builds custom automations, as do @Bastien_Siebman and @paulminors and probably many other Solutions Partners here.

OPTION 3 – My team built an Asana add-on to help users create and complete tasks more easily. It’s called EasyTasker. We have a new feature called “Focus List” that helps a user see exactly what needs to be completed today. Currently, it supports “Due Today” “Overdue” and “Manually Selected”. But, we’ll be soon adding a view called “Active Work” that will include exactly what you’ve described – meaning all tasks due within X number of days, as well as tasks for which the start date has passed but they are still incomplete.
This feature is still in development but should be done within 3-4 weeks. Here’s a preview of what it looks like:

You can grab the free forever version here: and then select “Basic”. Once that feature is ready, we’ll announce it and you can try the pro version for free to see if it helps.


Hi! Thanks for confirming it wasn’t something I overlooked. I’ll look at the options you suggested :slight_smile:

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