Start Dates: Newbie help.

I’m trying to adopt Asana.
I searched for info on Start Dates and read the Asana Guide ( How to Complete Task Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide)
I found a six year old topic that was close to what I was looking for but didn’t answer my question.
I have access to Start Dates on our company plan.

So, what I want is to not see tasks with a start date in the future. How can I make that happen?
This is very GTD. It is also part of the MYN methodology. And a ton of other productivity ideas. So, I am certain that there’s a way to do it but it is not obvious to me.

Is what I’m looking for common or uncommon?

Thanks in advance and sincere apologies if I missed a thread that answered this question.


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I think the answer I just posted to your other question about Due dates has some valuable suggestions related to this question too, so please see:

In addition, you might want to vote for this request too:



Thank you very much!

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