Start date is approaching - move task to a section (My tasks)


I would like to use the auto-promotion (rules) in My tasks based on the Start date not Due date. I know that right now Asana does not support this rules (I have already voted for this feature/bug fix). I checked this forum and it should be possible to do so either using Flowsana or Zapier.
I would like the rule - Start date is approaching (Today) - move task to “Today” section in My tasks.

  1. I tried Zapier first, but was not able to do so. Maybe I just did not set up the Zap in a correct way. Does anyone have set up this rule in Zapier and could help me with this?

  2. Another option is Flowsana. I installed the free trial, but again I did not manage to create a correct custom rule. What should be a trigger/check if/do this in this case?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Petra_Benkovská,

It might also be worth to vote here: Date is approaching rule trigger for other fields than just due date

@Phil_Seeman Perhaps you can chime in here?

Shouldn’t this thread be merged into:

and @Phil_Seeman can answer in that thread?



Hi @lpb,

the original thread is long and difficult to navigate, as it has been there for 3 years already. I thought it would be helpful to have one thread for workarounds.


Yes, it’s certainly long! But generally the policy is to merge like threads. Let’s see what the others say here.

I think it should be merged; the dilemma is that only the initial post here should be (merging the others will just make that other thread even more messy) but just merging the first post will remove it from here and make this thread incomprehensible. So I’m just going to reply here re Flowsana and leave it to @Marie and @Emily_Roman to figure out what to do!

@Petra_Benkovská For Flowsana, such a rule is doable for sure. If you can write to us at and reference this forum thread, we can definitely help you out with it!

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