Task promotion on Start Date in My Tasks 2.0?

Hi all, I tried searching the forum for a solution here, but didn’t come across one. Please merge if one already exists.

I just went to look for a task in my My Tasks that I knew had a start date of Aug 1 and due date of Sept 1 so I was expecting to see it moved into my “Needs sorted” section where tasks that are due today are moved. When I did not see it, I realized it was for that reason, it wasn’t actually due today. However, my start date was set for a reason and I was ready to get started on it today and hoping to set a new rule based on the start date.

Unless I am blatantly missing something (which is possible), I am not seeing this option. Has anyone else run into this issue? Is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Chandler_Ferguson,

Here is the thread for this request:

Th only solution I’m aware of is to use our Flowsana integration :slight_smile: - it has a rule condition that can be triggered based on Start Date.


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