Date is approaching rule trigger for Date fields

The due date is approaching functionality is great.

What would make it even better is to be able to include other dates like:

  • start date
  • custom field date

Perhaps rename it to “date is approaching” and select the desired date field


Hi @Jan-Rienk,

I’m not going to merge your post because yours is more expansive but here is a similar request, just for Start Date, that you might want to upvote as well:

(Also FYI our Flowsana integration contains this trigger capability; it supports all custom date fields as well as all built-in date fields! :wink:)


Hi everyone, we just started to roll out the new start date is approaching trigger for rules in addition to the existing due date is approaching and date field changed trigger.

This enables powerful new rule-based workflows, for example: When a task is ready for work to begin, move it to a new section and assign it to me.

Thanks for initially sharing this feedback with us @Jan-Rienk!

Great news!

Would love for this to be expanded to date fields in general.

For instance relative to creation date.

When creation date = 3 days old Check if assignee is not set Do this: add comment and add collaborators


I can’t see this available in My Tasks rules?


This thread is a request and is not available.

Start date is approaching is a new trigger available, including in My Tasks.



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@Rupert_Bassadone1 @lpb Which means you can vote for it :wink:

@Phil_Seeman I unmarked your reply as a solution as I don’t consider it solved.

No problem; I didn’t mark that post as a solution, someone else must have.

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