Trigger Action: Start Date on a task

The more I use the rules feature, I more I want more of it to do.

Currently, I can set a trigger that when a custom field is changed to x, allocate due date to + 7 days for example.

In Development projects, timeline view is mainly used. I would like the action to include start date as well so I can integrate dependencies to other work within the project.

The rule I am looking for:
When custom field is changed to X
Allocate the task start date same as change of customer field and give deadline + y number of days



It would be cool. You (or me) could custom code a rule if needed, that possible now.

Is this actually possible with a custom rule? I only see “due date” as a trigger, not “start date”.


Not possible with Asana natively. You can do it via the rules in our Flowsana integration:

Noted, thank you.

I track many projects at once (and many tasks within projects). It would be helpful to send me an alert (email, or calendar event), if a task (or subtask) was about to start - say in 5 days. For example - I enter in an entire season of projects (for a new Performing Arts season), and in each project, there are up to 10 major tasks that are deliverables for that project. So for 23-24 Season: On Sale - I have to create digital assets, posters, flyers. Of course all of these major tasks have subtasks that comprise the steps needed to make each of those assets. It would be great if I have a custom field like “Start Date”, and once that start date is within 5 days (of the start date), the system sends me an email or creates a calendar event so that I know that I need to nudge my designers to start this task so that it gets completed on time. Of course - if anyone else has a brilliant idea for a custom rule - including creating custom fields - please let me know. Right now, I can’t think of anything.

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Hi @Aiden_McDaniel,

I moved your post to a relevant thread.

  1. Be sure to add your vote for this enhancement above (purple “Vote” button at top of thread).
  2. Note that there is a solution available via our Flowsana integration, also referenced above.
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Thank you Phil - I’ve voted for the Feature upgrade - i don’t really wish to pay for an additional integration when it seems like this could be accomplished within existing fields.

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