Asana Release Notes May 2024

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Please find below our latest release notes! Let us know if the comments if you have any questions or feedback!

  • Smart workflows: Build rules faster with Smart workflows.

  • Viewer access level in projects: Allow Viewer level permissions for project members who need to view project details without editing the project structure.

  • Asana + Outlook Calendar integration: Schedule team-wide Outlook Calendar events directly from Asana.

  • Multi-sort and multi-filter in portfolios: Filter and sort items in a portfolio by multiple criteria to easily derive actionable insights.

  • Relative due dates in project templates: Set relative start and due dates that happen before or after the project template date range.

  • Bundles dashboard multi-select: Remove a bundle from multiple projects at once from the bundles dashboard.

  • Domain-wide admin controls: Apply project defaults across your domain from the Admin console.

  • Sandboxes: Use a dedicated environment tailored for experimentation to test various workflows and integrations before deploying them.

  • Set “due date” relative to date custom fields: Set a new task date based on a date custom field in rules.

  • Relative date trigger for task start dates: Set a rule to fire based on a task’s start date.

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Hello, the links for the Product Updates (2) and Ambassador updates (1) are not working. The link to this page, Release Notes, and the Asana on Tour links both worked. (Sorry, I’m speaking of the links in the Summary email I received last Friday from Asana.)
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I was on pins and needles waiting for “viewer” level access, but then was crushed when users set to viewer level can still see all of the detailed contact information for anyone on the project. I “thought” I could use this feature to establish a single project on my main Asana account and grant viewer only access to all members/guests so they could see the data but not change it. That worked great, until I realized the view only user can click on the connected option and see the user names/email addresses for everyone in our organization and all related guests.

Please consider a project level setting that would allow us to control who can see the members/guests within a project with an option to limit that info to only the project admin. That would be hugely helpful and would allow me to update one central project with important info that all my team members and guests would need access to, instead of having to maintain a dozen separate ones.

If there is an existing setting that lets me do this now, please let me know! Thank you!

Hi Emily, is this released to all users? Is there a link outlining this capability?

Welcome, @Alan_Wang29,

Yes, this is released and available in all paid plans.

This is documented here (scroll to Custom field variables section), but not a lot there:

Here’s where you find it for a rule action to create a new task:

Date Published and New Date are both date type custom fields.



Using custom dates to determine start/due dates is awesome!

It looks like it still isn’t possible for me to set a due date before another date tho? Just want to make sure I’m not missing something.

E.g., for marketing things for my clients, we have submitters provide 2 dates: BEGIN PROMO and END PROMO to specify the time during which we should be promoting their item.

I’d like to be able to use a rule to generate a task to post a final reminder on social media, but I want it to be 2 days before the END PROMO date. Right now, when items are submitted, someone has to manually look at the date & set the due date for that last social post.

I’m certain there’s an item in the product feedback forum about this but I’m having trouble finding it… :\

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@Brian_Fewell I’m also looking for this feature, having a before feature would save so much time.

This is the closest one, I think; it’s about the “Create subtask” rule action but the “Create task” rule action is very similar:

(Note also that you can accomplish what you want via the Add tasks external rule action from our Flowsana integration.)

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Where can we get more info about this feature?

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