Create a rule for a subtask to be due a certain number of days BEFORE the parent task's due date

It would be great if it were possible to create a rule that triggers a sub task’s due date to be a certain number of days BEFORE the parent task’s due date.

As far as I can see, it is only possible to set the due date based on the trigger time, start date of the task, creation time, and due date (i.e. number of days AFTER the due date of the trigger task).

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I’ve re-opened this topic because it’s now possible to create a rule that adds subtasks AFTER their parent’s due date, but not BEFORE which is what a number of people want.

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Yes, subtasks with relative dates BEFORE their parent can be added with our Flowsana “Add subtasks” rule action :wink:, but nonetheless people should be able to vote here for it to be available in native Asana.


Big, big fan of this idea. If other organizations are anything like mine, subtasks are those small steps you take to fulfilling the overall parent task. This certainly seems like the most logical use case of subtasks, at least.

So, the ability to set subtasks’ relative due dates before the due date of the parent task seems like it would be a much more useful feature. We’d love to see it!