Make task start and end date on the same day

This was asked back in 2017 but never resolved. How do we go about making the start and end date of a tasks on the same day? For example if I have a recurring task to run payroll every 2 weeks on Fridays, being told on a Tuesday that I have to get it done isn’t helpful because I can’t actually do it until the Friday. But I NEED to do it the Friday so it’s both starting and ending on the same day.

Hi @Kyle_Huberman
Okay I think I understand what you are after…
If you set the Due Date for the Task to say this Friday (14th August).
Then selecting repeating every week on a Friday.
That will ensure that every Friday a New Task is due to be completed that day.
There is no need to enter a Start Date.
Does that help clarify?



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Hi Jason,

I understand your response, however there is a need to enter a start date because the task can’t be completed until that date. If I don’t enter a start date and I pull up a list of “thing to do today” that item will be listed as actionable even though it cannot be acted on until a later date.

It’s import for me to get it out of my head and down in my task list, but once it’s written down, I don’t want the system nagging me to do it even though I can’t.


Why do you need a start date then? :thinking: why not just have a recurring task every Friday and use task auto-promotion in My Tasks and wait for the task to move to Today?

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Because then I need to manually scan a long list for items that are due rather than it just showing up when it’s become actionable.

The similar issue is that I can’t put a start date without also putting a due date on it. What can I do about takes that I can’t start right away, but when they do become available to be actionable, they aren’t due?

Sorry my English might be getting in the way but I still don’t understand :man_facepalming: can you share an example of a real task with real start date and/or due date to illustrate?


Your English isn’t an issue. Here are some examples of what I’m currently doing with OmniFocus while following the GTD Methodology.

  • Payroll Starts and Ends on every second Friday. It can only start on Friday and is Due on that Friday, but it’s not a calendar item because I don’t have to be anywhere specific at any particular time.

  • On the first day of every month I have a report that is due based on financials from the previous month. I can’t generate that report until the last day of the previous month has passed, and it’s due on the 1st of the month. So this task has a start and end date on the same day.

  • I have a followup email that is customized per client and that can only go out 30 days after a previous action is completed. Once those 30 days pass, then I can send them the email at any time. In fact sometimes I choose to never send the email, or send it months later. This task therefore has a start date, but no due date. I don’t want to see that task in my daily actionable list until it’s available to do, however I would like to be able to generate a list that shows me everything that will become available within the next week/month when I do my planning or review.


Hi @Kyle_Huberman,

I think part of the problem may be that it sounds to me like you’re assuming (and reasonably so IMO) that if you enter a start date for a task, Asana will not display it until that start date arrives. That’s not the case, though; Asana will display it regardless of any start date you enter for it. Given that fact, it probably becomes irrelevant whether you can enter a start date that matches the due date or not, right?

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but if you use My Tasks properly (with task auto-promotion) you can hide a task in the future in the Later section.

The Auto-promotion feature just sets it for “later”. There’s no indication as to when later is, so for example I can’t see a list or generate a report of tasks upcoming in chronological start date because there is no start date if I just push tasks to later.

You can close this thread because it clearly seems i’m in the minority when it comes to my opinions and workflows on start dates and how they should be used when it comes to task management.

FWIW I agree with you :100:, and in fact Desksana will have a “Don’t show tasks until their start date” option in its My Tasks view!

But having them inside later is basically the same because task auto promotion is now based on the start date. I am confused as to why this feature is important @phil

I thought auto-promote only worked off of the due date, not start date?

You can try yourself, but it was the case and several weeks ago, after a test, I realized they finally changed the behavior (which makes much more sense). @moderators can you confirm? While we wait I created a task to test.


My task with a start date on the 21st came back to Today. Test confirms new behavior.