Task Reminder separate from Due Date

Can we set reminders for tasks that are different to the task due date?
We have created a task that our license expires on September 1st, so how can we set a reminder for that, BEFORE the due date?



I don’t think you can, if you want to achieve this you need to use another task…

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If you’re Premium then you can select a “Start date” so that the tasks appears at the start date and not at the due date.


Thank you both for replying.
I guess I’ll have to post a feature request.


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Change your post category and use “Product feedback” :+1:

Since we use the free version of Asana we don’t have start dates, but we have a couple ways to do this.

  1. We just set the due date for when we want to the task to pop back up in our Today section of My Tasks.
  2. For Tasks where we want both, we do what @Bastien_Siebman suggests by having a second task that’s only purpose is to “follow-up”. There’s a hack in your profile settings you can turn on that’ll create follow-up tasks from a task’s 3-dots button:

You turn it on in the Hacks tab:

My team tends to create these privately (they don’t add them to any of the team’s projects) and we close them once they serve their purpose, or re-set their due dates if we’re not ready to address whatever the follow-up is about. This “Hack” will include a link to the task it’s following up on in the description which makes it very easy to see what the follow-up is about. Plus you can include special instructions about why you made the follow-up without having to add them to the main task which is nice for a bit of privacy. Mine are typically centered around blocked items where I’m at the mercy of someone else so often say things like “Check in with so-and-so to see if they’ve made progress.” I occasionally make them for the reason you ask about as well. I’ll have some tasks where I’m not ready to start immediately and just want a “wake-up” to up its priority in my backlog as its due date approaches if I haven’t already got to it.


@RyanE - we also encountered things similar to this and for us it was resolved by a shift in thinking. So although a license expires September 1, from an action standpoint that wasn’t the most meaningful information. The task we would create is “Renew license” and make the Due Date the actual Date that this should be done so that it doesn’t expire. Then we might put in the Description or Comments the fact that it expires September 1.
EXAMPLE: we send out awards to employees every other month. So overall it’s “due” on September 1st, but my Task is “Send out Awards” and it’s Due August 27.